Flytrap Factory’s Warfighter Steps into Gear

January 16, 2012 by brennon

It seems a new modern military game - Warfighter - might be sprouting up bought to us gamers by Flytrap Factory. Check out a few of the early images below...

Warfighter Cover Image

Warfighter Islamic Jihadist Bridages

Warfighter Iwo Jima Strike Force

The game is still in development but the team at Flytrap are trying to make a game which isn't constricted by the woes of modern day living which take us away from our gaming hobby.

1. It can be played in less than 40 minutes if time restraints are an issue...
2. It can be played with less than 30 1:100 scale figures aside (of which vehicles are not essential)
3. The system is simple enough and elegant enough that it can be picked up in less than 20 minutes
4. It is designed to be played on tables only slightly larger than 1 square meter in size
5. and most importantly its got to be fun...not bogged down by tiresome mechanics and a multitude of charts and tables, and understandable by all, even those who have never thrown a dice in an offensive fashion before in their lives.

A game based in the near future battlefields of Earth is always an interesting prospect. It seems however that they already have plans for the possible future of their game. Check out these renders of some more futuristic looking Warfighters.

Warbot Battlepod

Warbot Battlepod #2

So what do you guys think of the premise and what's been shown so far, and does this appeal to your gaming urges?

Let us know below in the comments.

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