Gale Force Nine Releases Lend-Lease M10 Tank For Tanks

October 25, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Sometimes it is hard to believe that at one point in world history the Americans actually gave (Lend-Lease) war supplies to the Soviets. Gale Force Nine's game Tanks has a new kid on the block.

The M10 tank destroyer, one of the earliest tracked vehicles in the U.S. arsenal to see wide scale production. The vehicle was built on the M4 Sherman chassis with an open topped sloped armoured turret. This gave the tank the unique ability to be able to engage the enemy from any angle.

The biggest weakness was the original  three inch gun that was mounted in it. Of course, the British version had a seventeen pounder  upgrade called the Achilles.

The Soviets would use this vehicle throughout the war and it is doubtful many if any were returned at the end of the "lease". The kit includes the miniature, the tank card, one hero card, two crew cards, and two upgrade cards.

It will be interesting to see how this tank will do against others in Tanks, I would tend to think that maneuverability would be key and get a flank or rear shot before one of the big cats can zero in and blow you to kingdom come.

Have you played Tanks yet?

"...the tank the unique ability to be able to engage the enemy from any angle."

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