Great Escape Add New Italian Alpini Commanders & Troops

August 6, 2019 by brennon

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Great Escape Games are building on their 28mm miniature collection with some new Italian Alpini soldiers for use in World War II. The first set to take a peek at is their Command section in summer uniforms.

Italian Alpini Command - Great Escape Games

The set would be great for those looking to expand their Italian force with a Command element, maybe for games like Chain Of Command or Bolt Action. In the set, you get an Officer and his Adjutant plus a Stretcher Bearer and NCO. They look nicely detailed suited for a slog in the heat. You

You can't have commanders without some troops to command and Great Escape Games has also shown off Italian Alpini Squad A.

Italian Alpini Squad A - Great Escape Games

The set gives you an array of combat-ready soldiers. Here you have two NCOs with their close-range SMGs plus an LMG team and six soldiers with rifles. You have a good mix of options there then, both for holding the enemy in position and assaulting them when the time is right.

You can delve into a whole bunch more of their 28mm miniatures right HERE.

Have you considered playing as the Italians in WWII?

"Have you considered playing as the Italians in WWII?"

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