Hasslefree’s Troopers Welcome A Woman To Their Ranks!

August 20, 2013 by dracs

In this modern age most of us have accepted that women are just as capable combatants as men, although this is something which sometimes takes a while to work into miniatures. Well Hasslefree Miniature's Modern Trooper unit has gone equal opportunities with their new female member!

Modern Trooper Harlequin

Packing a HK416 Harlequin here looks more than able to hold her own. Her design is definitely female, without going to ridiculous extremes. She will by no means look out of place in both modern and sci-fi soldier units.

Hasslefree have always excelled in sculpting the female form, both in practical and artistic ways. While Harlequin perfectly embodies this practicality Gypsy stands at the other end of the spectrum.


Gypsy Composite

Gypsy was recently released, but has just been given the addition of a pistol option for her left hand.

These two models perfectly depict one of the most controversial issues in gaming; namely the depiction of woman. It would take a better mind than mine to fully explore this issue, but I can say that I do think that both of these models are very good sculpts.

While Gypsy may be impractically attired, the point of her sculpt is more as a portrayal of beauty in the human form, which it does succeed in (although the posture of her back cannot be comfortable). Harlequin, however, is a more realistic depiction. Both of these portray women differently.

What are your thoughts on these two figures?

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