Israel Watch The Skies & Scout Ahead In Team Yankee

May 20, 2019 by brennon

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We're dropping all manner of Israeli forces this time around for Battlefront Miniatures' Team Yankee. Artillery and more support options are being added into the mix starting with the M109 SP Artillery Battery.

M109 SP Artillery Battery - Team Yankee

This massive howitzer is used for laying down all manner of firepower onto the enemy position, pinning them down and making sure that your own forces can move up without fear of retaliation.

When the firepower is heavy, you might also want to clamber into the M113 Platoon plastic vehicles so that you can reach the objective unimpeded.

M113 Platoon - Team Yankee

These vehicles were entirely refitted to suit the needs of the Israeli army. For example, the add-ons used for crossing water and such were entirely removed since they didn't need to dive into many rivers!

Watch For Flyers

As well as these larger vehicle sets there's also a new set of infantry, the Red Eye SAM Platoon.

Red Eye SAM Platoon - Team Yankee

This portable missile system was used for homing in on the engines of enemy aircraft. You could have these soldiers pop up in different places, ready to ambush the enemy on approach.

Beep Beep, Jeep Jeep!

Two different Jeep options have also been thrown into the mix for the Israeli forces. The first of these is the Recce Jeep Platoon...

Recce Jeep - Team Yankee

...and also the Jeep (TOW) Platoon which brings recoilless rifles into the mix for taking on enemy armour.

Jeep TOW Platoon - Team Yankee

Are you tempted by this new selection of Israeli options? It looks like a lot of the goodies sent over by the Europeans and Americans are getting entirely retrofitted to work with this new theatre of war.

Are you an Oil War fan?

"Are you an Oil War fan?"

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