New A13 Cruiser Tanks Give The Brits Some Punch In Bolt Action

December 17, 2018 by brennon

Warlord Games has added some new armoured options onto their webstore for those playing as the British in Bolt Action. A few variants on the A13 Cruiser Tanks are popping up for you to have a peek at.

A13 Cruiser Tanks MK III - Warlord Games

These Cruiser/Cavalry Tanks were used on the front lines alongside the main body of the army, supporting them in their advances. However, many of these tanks were produced during a period of economic instability so they also featured some cost-saving elements too.

Weight was kept down with just 15mm of armour covering the hull. Even so, the tanks saw action in Greece, North Africa and of course France.

It did then get a bit of an upgrade and that much sought after armour.

A13 Cruiser Tanks MK III (Upgraded) - Warlord Games

Both the Mk III and the Mk IV got upgraded with some hefty armaments and that big honking turret which was so unique to this particular beast.

As an infantryman, I would imagine that generally having any armoured support would be very welcome, even if it wasn't the heaviest. It's still a big gun you can use to scare off the enemy!

Will you be picking up some of these tanks?

"It's still a big gun you can use to scare off the enemy! "

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