New British & Taliban Miniatures Drop For Courage In Contact

November 18, 2020 by brennon

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White Dragon Miniatures are going to be building on their Courage In Contact Modern Warfare range soon with some new additions to both the British and Taliban forces. Each side is going to get more specialised soldiers for use during your tight skirmish games.


IED Team // White Dragon Miniatures

We start off with a set of ambushers who are setting up an attack against your forces as they go on patrol. This IED Team comes with a set of spotters as well as one insurgent who is carrying the IED, ready to put it in place.

This immediately starts me thinking about possibilities. You'd imagine that the focus here would be on a team scouting through a village and spotting these insurgents as they prepare to set up the ambush. Can they stop them in time before they plant the IED and take out a convoy?

Things expand out from here and perhaps as your team gets into a firefight you notice guns being set up on the buildings nearby. That's where the likes of this HMG Team come in.


Taliban HMG Team // White Dragon Miniatures

Now, your team is under fire and you can hear the hammering of the bullets against your cover as more of the Taliban forces make their way towards you. You've stopped the IED Team but you're now faced by an entirely new threat.

Courage In Contact British

Thankfully, you're work in stopping the IED Team has meant that your fellow British troops have made their way to the firefight now and a Sniper Team has set itself up in some of the buildings, providing you with a bit of covering fire as you battle your way through the streets.


British Sniper Team // White Dragon Miniatures

Under the covering fire of the Sniper Team, you are able to pull back away from the main body of the Taliban forces and get into more open ground protected by more of your allied troops. Here you've got the support of a HMG Team...


British HMG Team // White Dragon Miniatures

...and also a GMG Team which is looking to take out some of the heavier options the Taliban are bringing to bear.


British GMG Team // White Dragon Miniature

Under covering fire your team manages to extract and you head on back to base. Maybe this scenario could play out very differently if you didn't manage to stop the IED  Team or get lost as you rushed back through the narrow streets of the village? It could be interesting to play out a scenario like this with a Game Master who throws curve balls at both sides!

Are you tempted by these new miniatures?

"It could be interesting to play out a scenario like this with a Game Master who throws curve balls at both sides!"

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