New Ships & Air Support Coming To Warlord’s Victory At Sea

February 1, 2021 by brennon

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Warlord Games has added four new sets to their webstore for those wanting to expand upon their Victory At Sea collection. Both the British and the Germans are getting new ships and support aircraft which can be used in conflicts in the Atlantic.

HMS Ark Royal - Victory At Sea

HMS Ark Royal // Victory At Sea

The first ship is the mighty HMS Ark Royal which saw a lot of action during the war. As an aircraft carrier, it was responsible for launching fighters and bombers which were instrumental in the destruction and crippling of German cruisers. She is also remembered for the sinking of the Bismarck when her Fairey Swordfish launched a torpedo attack on the ship, damaging its rudder and making it a sitting duck.

We have an equally well-known ship for the Germans with the Tirpitz hoving into view on the horizon.

Tirpitz - Victory At Sea

Tirpitz // Victory At Sea

The Tirpitz was the heaviest warship to have been produced by a European navy at the time and she was a serious thorn in the side of the Allies. She became something of an obsession for the British, especially in the wake of sinking the Bismarck. To that end, after St Nazaire and other actions against her she rarely saw battle and would often be used as a deterrent.

She did bombard Allied positions in Spitzbergen alongside the Scharnhorst but that was more or less the only time she fired her guns in anger! The Tirpitz was sunk in 1944 when Lancaster Bombers got her in their sights and used their hefty Tallboy bombs.

Air Support For Victory At Sea

Talking of planes, we also have two packs of aircraft which can be launched from the likes of the Ark Royal and land bases on the continent.

Royal Navy Aircraft - Victory At Sea

Royal Navy Aircraft // Victory At Sea

The Royal Navy set comes with a Short Sunderland Flying Boat, Hawker Hurricanes and Fairey Fulmars. Each of these fill-in roles as both fighters, engaging enemy aircraft, and bombers which seek out ships to target.

The same goes for the Germans with their Kriegsmarine Aircraft.

Kriegsmarine Aircraft - Victory At Sea

Kriegsmarine Aircraft // Victory At Sea

This set comes with a  Focke-Wulf FW 200 Condor, a handful of Junkers Ju 88's and finally a collection of Messerschmitt Bf109's. All of these are nice sets which can be used to build on what's available for Victory At Sea and give you some new options for scenarios on the tabletop.

Naval warfare seems to be getting a lot of attention right now so if you're into World War II and wanted to try something different, maybe give Victory At Sea a go!

What do you make of these new sets?

"...maybe give Victory At Sea a go!"

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