Battlegroup Torch Book Now Available For Pre-Order

March 12, 2018 by brennon

Plastic Soldier Company have opened up pre-orders for their newest Battlegroup book, Torch. This new book takes you into the desert war and expands on the campaign with more options for wargamers.

Battlegroup Torch - Plastic Soldier Company

Here's a look at what's inside the book...

  • BACKGROUND A general overview of the later North Africa campaign, from Gazala, through three battles at El Alamein to Operation Torch and the Allies’ attack into Tunisia. With British, American and French forces of 1st Army in the north and 8th Army pursuing Rommel’s Panzer Armee Afrika to the Mareth Line, and then beyond, in the south. This book covers the desert fighting from May 1942 to May 1943 and the Axis’ ultimate surrender in Tunisia.
  • ARMY LISTS Nine army lists designed to be played with the character of the principal combatants for North Africa: the veteran Deutsche Afrikakorps for 1942 and Defenders of Tunisia for 1943, Italian armoured and infantry divisions to face British (and Commonwealth) armoured and infantry divisions. Also, for Tunisia, the first combat operations for the US 1st Armoured Division and US infantry divisions, as well as ex-Vichy French ‘March’ divisions, now turned against their former Axis allies.
  • SPECIAL RULES New special rules to adapt the core Battlegroup rules to the later North African battlefields. Recreating the character of desert fighting, with its dusty conditions, reliance on tank warfare and mobile formations, and the wearing effects of the harsh conditions. Also rules for the colder, muddy, difficult hill-country of northern Tunisia, a very different type of battlefield, all helping to create games with the distinctive feel for the end of the ‘desert’ war.

This all sounds very awesome for folks looking to play out more accurate games set amidst this warzone. If you pre-order from Plastic Soldier Company you can also get yourself a Free 15/20mm Stuart Honey AND you will get added to their prize draw where you could win offers ranging from £20 to £75 which can be spent in their store.

Will you be picking up Torch?

"This all sounds very awesome for folks looking to play out more accurate games set amidst this warzone..."

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