Perry Preview Gurkhas & Brits From Throughout Time

April 28, 2020 by brennon

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As well as working away on more Napoleonics, the team at Perry Miniatures has also been showing off a range of new releases coming to their webstore soon which cross all manner of Historical periods.

British Piat Team - Perry Miniatures

The first set of previews comes for World War II (see above) with their new PIAT Team for the British. As with all of the kit from Perry Miniatures, it is packed with detail and provides you with a little vignette showing off what’s happening on the battlefield.

But, Perry Miniatures also has some plans for various periods...

Zulus & Gurkhas

From there we move back in time to the Zulu War and a selection of British from very different war. As with a lot of their releases, it looks like you’re going to get different poses with some firing, reloading and marching.

Zulu War British - Perry Miniatures

As well as the Zulu War, the duo has also been working on some NW Frontier Gurkhas who are putting their skills to good use in some deadly environments.

NW Frontier Gurkhas - Perry Miniatures

It’s always fun seeing what Perry Miniatures have in store and it does make you feel like diving into a bit of research on these periods of history. This in turn does make you consider picking up some of their miniatures just to paint them!

Are you going to be snapping up this selection of goodies when they get released?

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