Plastic Soldier Take On Publishing Simon Hall’s Wargames!

October 1, 2019 by brennon

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Some big news hit this week concerning Plastic Soldier Company and their future relationship with Simon Hall.

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The team are going to be publishing all of Simon Hall's future wargaming rules, a man responsible for the well-known Field Of Glory and much-loved Mortem et Gloriam.

PSC’s Founder Will Townshend comments, “Having played Mortem et Gloriam, and several of his other games in development, I am convinced that the colour system Simon has developed has great potential across all periods and all battle games. It is easy to learn, fun to play and takes a lot of the brain-strain away from determining command and combat results. We are looking forward to giving Simon’s games a big push and we will be adding figure and model ranges to go with each game.”

Simon Hall adds, “I have known PSC for many years, admired their WWII ranges, and found in Will and his team fellow enthusiasts for the hobby. This partnership will get my rules on the shelves of game shops all around the world and will allow me to concentrate my time on the development of game systems. It’s very exciting to have the prospect of dedicated figures and models for my games and I am looking forward to working with Will and his team.”

They are going to be working together first on a Mortem et Gloriam Compendium which will allow the game to be played in three sizes ranging from a compact version through to a full-on big battle take on Ancient warfare.

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You will then see them turn their eye towards Men Of Steel which is a mass skirmish game set in World War II for 20/28mm models.

This is all very cool news and it will be fun to see what else finds its way to the tabletop from Plastic Soldier and Simon Hall.

Are you a big fan of Simon Hall's games?

" will be fun to see what else finds its way to the tabletop from Plastic Soldier and Simon Hall"

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