Protect Or Eliminate New Miniatures In Spectre Operations

September 2, 2019 by brennon

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Spectre Operations is a game which really gets exciting once you introduce different scenarios and narratives into the mix and their new range of four Scenario Figures are going to help you plan out some cool missions.

The Dictator - Spectre Miniatures

Their four new characters would be a good addition to your collection for when you want to play games focusing in on assassinations, protection, escort and the like. The Dictator, for example, could be wandering around his secure compound as your soldiers breach the exterior walls and have to hunt him down.

Maybe The General here is inspecting his missile silos somewhere deep in the Arctic Circle and it's your job to infiltrate it and bring him down.

The General - Spectre Miniatures

You could even turn the tables on events and have you playing as a group who has been drafted in, either as contractors or as part of a standing army, to protect these characters and get them safely from point A to point B.

For example, maybe this Advisor here has some key information that your team needs to extract from him but first of all, you have to bust into a hot zone and get him across a warzone in order to find the time to question him.

The Adviser - Spectre Miniatures

The Salesman seems like a sleazy enough fellow that you'd have no problem dragging him through the streets and through the hail of gunfire as you get ready to toss him into a waiting helicopter.

The Salesman - Spectre Miniatures

I like all of these additions to the Spectre range and it helps reinforce the idea that this game works best when you've got some plans and surprise laid out ahead of time. I think Spectre would work best with the use of a Games Master who is effectively taking control of not just some elements of the enemy forces but working to drop sudden changes in circumstances into the mix. This way the player taking on the role of the specialist team feels like they're having to make key tactical decisions on the fly.

Maybe you do take your target out but your means of escape has been taken out by rebels? What do you do now? Maybe your package gets shot in the leg and you have to make a choice as to how you proceed. Do you hunker down and stabilise him or drag him on, leaving a trail behind you?

I love the idea of a dynamic and ever-changing scenario and Spectre seems like a good place to find that kind of interaction.

What do you think?

"I love the idea of a dynamic and ever-changing scenario and Spectre seems like a good place to find that kind of interaction..."

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