Help Movember & Get A Spiffing Pulp Miniature Too!

November 11, 2013 by brennon

If you'd like to help out for Movember and get yourself a fun looking miniature then you should head over to Pulp Figures and grab Lord Sir Caulfield Lippenbrush!

Lord Sir Caulfield Lippenbrush #1

Lord Sir Caulfield Lippenbrush #2

This spiffing chap is a special edition for Movember and then it will be gone forever, never to be sent out to people again, so it is pretty special and you'll be raising money for charity too.

I love the model and he would be perfect for role-playing games and miniature games within the world of Pulp adventure. I actually want to, strangely, drop himself into Mars Attacks in some way to have him take on a crazy unearthly threat.

And of course, he does have a magnificent bit of facial hair to make it worth your while.

Do you think you'll pick him up?

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