Take To The Sands Of The Middle-East With Eureka Miniatures

December 13, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking to expand your modern warfare collection then you will be glad to know Eureka Miniatures are doing just that. Check out just some of the miniatures below for both the US Marines and the Afghan forces...

USMC Heavy Weapon Team

Private Contractors

Above you can see some of the miniatures that could make up your USMC force. There are a selection of different Heavy Weapon teams much like the rocket launcher above, as well as some 'Private Contractors' or Mercenaries which could fight alongside your basic troops.

Afghan Snipers

If you prefer to take a look at things from the other end of the scope then how about playing as the Afghans? Most of the miniatures that are released with this bundle are snipers or heavy weapon users. Perfect for setting an ambush in a narrow street.

Which side will you come in on?

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