SAS Icons Now Available From Stoessi’s Heroes

September 24, 2018 by brennon

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Stoessi's Heroes are looking at two iconic members of the SAS with their releases this week. Two British soldiers have been sculpted up starting with British Army Lieutenant Jock Lewes.

John Steel Jock Lewes - Stoessis Heroes

Going by the full title of Lieutenant John Steele “Jock” Lewes, he was one of the main folks behind the training of soldiers to join this fledgeling organisation. Lewes was one of their finest soldiers and even worked to design a more dangerous style of explosive for destroying German vehicles.

I love this miniature of him, a sly grin on his face, and armed with all manner of different bits of kit so he can get the job done. Unfortunately, Lewes did not survive the war, being killed in action in December 1941.

Following on from Lewes we also have British Army Lieutenant Colonel, Paddy Mayne.

Robert Blair Paddy Mayne - Stoessis Heroes

Mayne was, again, known as one of the main contributors to the success and growth of the SAS during the early years. He ran many different raids behind enemy lines, destroying Axis aircraft on the ground.

His team actually used the Lewes explosives that we mentioned before! In one run Mayne destroyed twenty-four different aircraft with these bombs and when he had run out of explosives he clambered into the aircraft and ripped out the control panel with his bare hands.

He was quite the character as he was then said to have been seen walking out into the desert holding it like the severed head of an enemy!

Once again, it's great to get a look at these two amazing characters who show that fact is far cooler than fiction.

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"'s great to get a look at these two amazing characters who show that fact is far cooler than fiction"

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