Soviet, British & Japanese Vessels & Landing Craft Hit Cruel Seas

January 28, 2019 by brennon

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A vast array of different vessels and more have been added into the mix for Cruel Seas by Warlord Games. We will start off with the Soviets, to begin with, introducing big new ships and smaller ones too. The first of these is the Soviet Fugas-Class Minesweeper.


These Minesweepers were interesting vessels which were made to, as you might imagine, clear the sea lanes and make way for other ships. Additionally, they were meant to be very comfortable on long journeys and they even had central heating, saunas and a cinema!

As well as this larger vessel we also have the D-3 MTB...

D-3 MTB - Cruel Seas

...and the Bronekater pr.1125. All of these ships serve to build no the Soviet Navy and give you some additional options for your games. They pack plenty of mounted guns, torpedo bays and pretty tough hulls too, able to hold their own against their enemies.

Bronekater pr1125 - Cruel Seas

Lastly from the Soviet releases we also have the G-5 MTB. These smaller vehicles were armed with torpedos but also mounted machine guns which could be used when they get up close.

G5 MTB - Cruel Seas

It's fascinating to see more about this side of the war, one which I've never really heard about. We see a lot of how World War II was played out on land and in the air but very little about the clashes at sea.

Landing Party

As well as these larger vessels there are also some additional options for those looking to land troops on island and beachheads. This past weekend we got introduced to the Imperial Japanese Daihatsu-Class Landing Craft...Imperial Japanese Daihatsu-Class Landing Craft - Cruel Seas

...and also something for those on the Western Front, the British LCM3 Landing Craft.

British LCM3 Landing Craft - Cruel Seas

These are very cool and I could see some great scenarios coming to life from these. You'd have crews trying to protect them whilst others are looking to blow them to cinders, wrecking them before they can make landfall.

Cruel Seas has really taken off with a lot of people and it would be great to see more projects concerning what you're working on for the game!

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