The Soviet Winter Army Rises Up For Warlord’s Bolt Action

September 8, 2020 by brennon

Warlord Games has two new sets up for pre-order as they look to introduce more folk into Bolt Action and World War II miniature wargaming. We start off with a Soviet Peoples Militia Squad!

The Soviet People's Militia Squad - Bolt Action

The Soviet People's Militia Squad // Bolt Action

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This set represents a tradition going back to the 16th Century in Russia where in times of emergency a militia was formed to fight alongside the regular army in order to defend their homes from aggressors. This seems like it was a fairly good idea considering the events of World War II!

During 1941 and into 1942 the workers and citizens of Leningrad, Mosco, Rostov and Stalingrad organised into these militias and fought on the front lines against the German army. They were poorly equipped and lacking in experience but they still bravely fought alongside others to defend their homeland. According to Warlord, they would work well as a Militia but also as Soviet Partisans if you wished to go down that route too.

Building A Bolt Action Soviet Army

As well as the Militia Squad above you've also got the big Soviet Army (Winter) Starter Army which is available for pre-order now too.

Soviet Army (Winter) Starter Army - Bolt Action

Soviet Army (Winter) Starter Army // Bolt Action

This set is designed to get you going in the game with the basics of a Soviet army all decked out for a winter campaign. You have a Soviet HQ, Soviet MMG Team, Soviet Medium Mortar, KV-1/KV-2 Tank and then eighty (yes, eighty) Soviet Infantry to bulk up your force.

You'll not be wanting for rifles in this army, might be but just hope the guy next to you dies so you can pick up his gun. This set certainly echoes the words of Stalin who said: “Quantity has a quality all of its own.”

What do you make of these new Soviet options?

"“Quantity has a quality all of its own""

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