Spectre Miniatures Preview Upcoming Support Soldiers

October 26, 2020 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures had a little preview of what they've been working on pop up on social media recently. This is a quick peek at some of the new Support Figures they have coming to compliment the various factions in their collection.

Support Figures Preview - Spectre Miniatures

Support Figures Preview // Spectre Miniatures

This set comes with an interesting mix of individuals who are armed with some very different kit. You've got fellows rocking around with a grenade launcher and such but then you've got a chap with a rather nifty looking rocket launcher it seems there too. I can't quite work out what the fellow in the bottom left is carrying but maybe the more savvy members of the community can point out what that is!

I always like seeing what Spectre come out with when they release new miniatures as they often lead to some fun ways to build different scenarios based around them. Do you have a bunch of Spectre figures in your collection?

Let me know in the comments below...

"Do you have a bunch of Spectre figures in your collection?"

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