Clash In Stalingrad In BIG New Set For Warlord’s Bolt Action

February 24, 2020 by brennon

Warlord Games are taking us to the brutal Eastern Front with their latest BIG box for Bolt Action. In this set, The Battle For Stalingrad, you're going to find yourself in a desperate battle between the Soviets and Germans as they look to secure this utterly devasted city.

Stalingrad - Warlord Games

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All of this starts with a new Campaign Stalingrad book which is a supplement to the core rules for Bolt Action. By pre-ordering with Warlord Games you'll also be able to get yourself the special Vasily Zaitsev miniature, a perfect sniper for your Soviet force.

Inside the book, however, you'll find a selection of information and scenarios for you to play out the Battle For Stalingrad...

  • The opposed crossing of the Don River
  • The dash to the Volga river by German mobile divisions
  • Soviet counter-attacks against the German cordon of Stalingrad
  • The fighting for control of the city of Stalingrad
  • Operation Uranus and the subsequent encirclement of the German Sixth Army
  • Operation Winter Tempest: Manstein’s attempt to break the encirclement of the Sixth Army
  • The final destruction of the Sixth Army

This gives you loads of interesting scenarios to play out and thankfully with one of the big boxes of miniatures, terrain and more than Warlord Games have to offer you could play all of this out. The first of these is the Stalingrad Battle Set.

Stalingrad Battle Set - Warlord Games

As you can see, this gives you two rather formidable armies of Germans and Soviets as well as a bunch of terrain thanks to Sarissa Precision. This would probably be enough for most folks but you can also get your hands on the Enemy At The Gates Collector's Edition which comes with even more buildings, more troops, more armour and...well, more!

Enemy At The Gates Collectors Edition - Warlord Games

I think you'd never have to buy another hobby product for at least a year if this lot landed on your doorstep. If World War II and the Eastern Front is your thing then this could well be the set to get. All you'd really need is a mat which could be brought from all manner of different retailers and you'd have a solid collection.

Skirmishing In Stalingrad

If you prefer to keep things smaller in scale then you can also get your hands on the Stalingrad: Rattenkrieg set which is designed to work with the Firefight! Skirmish Rules which are available in print within the set for the first time.

Rattenkrieg Skirmish Set - Warlord Games

This is the kind of level that I like playing World War II at with small bands of soldiers having to duke it out on their own, often behind enemy lines. This particular set is going to be limited to 500 so if you want to get your hands on this then you might have to be quite quick.

So, if you're looking to play out the Battle For Stalingrad in a variety of different scales you now have the options from Warlord Games.

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"...if you're looking to play out the Battle For Stalingrad in a variety of different scales you now have the options from Warlord Games"

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