Stoessi Brings To Life New Polish & German Heroes Of WWII

August 29, 2018 by brennon

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Stoessi's Heroes continues to build on their collection of WWII heroes from across the spectrum with two new characters from the Polish and German armies. We begin talking about Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade General Major Stanislaw Sosabowski.

Stanislaw Sosabowski - Stoessis Heroes

Sosabowski is another of the real-life characters portrayed in A Bridge Too Far by Gene Hackman. In reality, he fought during Operation Market Garden and was an expert in his field. He talked about parachuting later in life in this quote...

“When jumping with a parachute, everyone is afraid. Do not believe those who say that they were not afraid. It is not true, and it would be unnatural.”

It's neat to have more of these heroic individuals joining us for our games on the tabletop and maybe now you'll almost have the entire cast of A Bridge Too Far to work with!

Axis Foes

As well as Sosabowski we also have another character from A Bridge Too Far in the German Brigadeführer & Generalmajor Heinz Harmel.

Heinz Harmel - Stoessis Heroes

Moving up through the ranks, starting out as a lowly foot soldier, Harmel was warmly accepted into his position as leader of 10th SS-Panzerdivision “Frundsberg”. He was known for his understanding of the needs and concerns of the regular soldier, the makings of a good leader.

During the Battle Of Arnheim, it was his defensive action which thwarted the British Airborne assaults and kept the Germans in the fight.

The stage is set for quite the confrontation!

"The stage is set for quite the confrontation!"

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