Stoessi’s Heroes Meet Larger Than Life Canuck, Soviet & German WWII Characters

November 19, 2018 by brennon

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Stoessi's Heroes has released a new set of three different characters from real life for you to drop into the mix when it comes to playing games of World War II. The leading character for this week is the Canuck, Private Léo Major.

Canadian Private Leo Major - Stoessis Heroes

This fellow was known as the One-Eyed One Man Army. He lost his eye during D-Day but continued on fighting regardless. During April 1945 he was supposed to simply scout the Zwolle but instead he ran through the city firing his rifle, throwing grenades and causing so much noise that the German's thought the ENTIRE Canadian army was attacking!

He made his way through the streets, destroying the Gestapo HQ and also a local SS HQ too. He was, as you can imagine, quite the wild fellow.

Frau Black Death

Next up we're looking to the Soviet forces and Platoon Commander Yevdokiya Zavaliy.

Soviet Platoon Commander Yevdokiya Zavaliy - Stoessis Heroes

She was the epitome of revenge. When German bombers flattened her village she got the local cavalry commander to take her to the front lines and let her fight. She was only sixteen when she first headed out and was put in command of her own Marines Platoon. She was the only woman to be given such an honour.

Her unit was deployed to the front lines where the fighting was fiercest and she took part in defence of the Caucasus, the battle for Crimea and ultimately the Soviet expansion across Eastern Europe. As highlighted in the title above she was so feared by the Germans that they nicknamed her Frau Black Death.

Infantry Ace

Last but not least we're looking to the Germans and Hauptmann Günther Viezenz.

German Hauptmann Gunther Viezenz - Stoessis Heroes

Tanks were a scary prospect for infantry to face but not when Günther Viezenz was involved. He was responsible for twenty-one single-handed tank kills using a range of grenades, mines, panzerfaust and more.

He was also given the Tank Destruction Badge in Gold and Silver...which was never even meant to be given to someone in an Anti-Tank unit!

Three more amazing heroes which could be great for those trying to develop a themed army in the likes of Bolt Action and Chain Of Command.

What do you think of these three?

"Three more amazing heroes which could be great for those trying to develop a themed army..."

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