Tabletop Art Take to the Trenches

April 25, 2013 by dracs

Tebletop Art have a bunch of new bases for your miniatures who are unlucky enough to find themselves engaged in the horrors of trench warfare.

Trench Warfare Bases 25mm

Trench Warfare Bases 40mm

Trench Warfare Bases 60mm

Trench Warfare Bases 60mm 2

Trench Warfare Bases Oval

Trench warfare may be an ugly business, but these bases certainly are not. They look great, with the various paraphernalia of trench warfare scattered around, but with still enough room to actually fit the miniature on. It is surprising how often decorative bases seem to forget that that is their primary function in life.

Will you be taking to the trenches of Tabletop Art?

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