TANKS: The Modern Age Coming Soon From Gale Force Nine

July 24, 2018 by crew

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Gale Force Nine and Battlefront Miniatures are going to be giving TANKS a big update with a new take on the game which builds on the original and places you in command of mighty modern tanks.

TANKS Modern Age Rulebook - Battlefront Miniatures

It looks like they are aiming to revamp the entire game with TANKS: The Modern Age and bring it to a new era which sees much more modern tanks duelling on the battlefield. As well as a new rulebook we're also seeing them focus in on a new Starter Set as well.

TANKS Modern Age Starter Set M1 Vs T-64 Starter Set

As you can tell by the cover we're going to be seeing the Americans clashing with the Soviets in the set so we can assume that the time period is focused in on the Team Yankee timeline that we've come to know thanks to Battlefront.

We assume therefore that we're likely to see more focus on the clash between the Americans and the Soviets as well a showing from NATO, Britain and Germany further down the line as expansions pop up for the game.

There's lots more to explore about the game in the coming weeks and we hope to check back in with the team from Battlefront and Gale Force Nine in the near future to see what the box contents are and what has been tweaked about the rules!

Are you excited for this shift towards The Modern Age?

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