Tsuba’s Russian Officers Urge the War Effort Onwards

July 10, 2012 by brennon

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Tsuba Miniatures have gathered the Russian Officers and NCOs ready to push the war effort on into the fighting. No retreat, no surrender!

Russian Officers & NCOs (Front)

Russian Officers & NCOs (Rear)

Some commanding figures on the battlefield, urging the troops onwards as bullets and explosions go off everywhere. I particularly like the guy with the sabre and pistol. Although its nice to see the other officers leading the troops with their poses.

Officers with Russian Troops Advancing

Officers with Russian Troops Firing

Here are some of the officers leading the troops into battle, the normal infantry being available from Tsuba Miniatures as well.I love that these models are mostly one piece too, always handing with metal.

So will you pick these fellows up for your historical games?

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