Victrix Games Launch Their 12mm World War II Range With Tanks

June 15, 2020 by brennon

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Victrix Games has now launched their 12mm/1:44 scale World War II range and things get off to a thunderous start with the addition of some Tanks to their line-up. Germans, Americans and the British are catered for with their initial release.

Panzer IV H - Victix Limited.jpg

Panzer IV H

We'll start off with a look at the three different kits they have put together for the Germans. You've got the Panzer IV H above but also the StuG III and the Panther Ausf G. Each of these should give you the core of a good fighting force that is rolling out across Europe to try and secure it against attack.

StuG III - Victrix Limited.jpg


Panther Ausf G - Victrix Limited

Panther Ausf G

As well as the miniatures for the Germans, we also have two tank kits for those who are playing as the Allies instead.

Victrix Games' Allied Tanks

There isn't quite as much variety here but things will no doubt be expanding as they start to add more and more miniatures into the range. Plus, we've seen some really good previews of the infantry they have been working on too.

Sherman M4A3 75mm - Victix Limited

Sherman M4A3 75mm

Cromwell - Victrix Limited.jpg


There are some fun miniatures in the mix here and I do like that the team at Victrix has designed the kits here so that they are easy-to-build. I also appreciate seeing the painted versions of the miniatures as well so you can see how they are all going to look when you get them to the tabletop.

If you're a bit of a World War II fan and want to try collecting in 12mm then this might be for you. You can also now pick up some applicable Transfers to go with these tanks too.

Are you going to be picking up one or more of these sets?

"Are you going to be picking up one or more of these sets?"

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