Victrix Preview New Dark Age Archers & 12mm US Infantry

October 9, 2020 by brennon

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Victrix has its sights set on some new options for two different Historical periods. Leading the way we have some 28mm miniatures with a peek at some new Dark Age Archers which are in the works for those playing games that feature Saxons, Vikings and more.

Dark Age Archers - Victrix Limited

Dark Age Archers // Victrix Limited

This is one of the new bodies from the upcoming plastic kit with a selection of head, arm and accessory options in the mix. You'll notice familiar looks for Viking, Saxon and Norman warriors in their design making this a very good catch-all kit.

You'll also see some of the archers holding arrows in their hands as they are firing. Expert archers could indeed do this allowing them to generate a faster rate of fire. This sounds like a good idea if you've got a horde of angry Vikings charging at you.

12mm World War II Infantry

As well as the Dark Age Archers we also got a peek at some new options for Victrix's 12mm World War II collection too. The US is on the way with a new frame of plastic miniatures to help grow your Allied army as it moves across Normandy.

12mm US Infantry - Victrix Limited

12mm US Infantry // Victrix Limited

This shows off a selection of the basic poses for your standard US Infantry. You've got plenty of soldiers here kneeling, firing, aiming and calling others forward into the heat of battle. In addition to the regular infantry, there should be heavy weapons coming soon too.

If you're interested in either of these periods of history you can check out Victrix's full Dark Age collection and World War II offerings for yourself and see if their kits take your fancy.

Are you liking the look of what Victrix are working on right now?

"Are you liking the look of what Victrix are working on right now?"

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