Victrix Preview What’s Coming In 2022 For Historical Wargamers

December 21, 2021 by brennon

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Victrix has been sharing some of the new miniatures you'll be able to pick up from them throughout next year. They are covering all manner of different eras of Historical wargames from the Dark Ages through to World War II.

2022 Plastic Sets - Victrix

2022 Plastic Set Concept Art // Victrix

A new selection of miniatures are on the way that should please plenty of folks. The Napoleonic era will introduce some French Dragoons, French Chasseurs a Cheval and British Heavy Dragoons including options for the Peninsular War.

Napoleonic Cavalry 2022 - Victrix

Napoleonic Cavalry 2022 // Victrix

When it comes to the Dark Age side of things, we're going to be seeing the Norman Cavalry riding into battle supported by Dark Age Archers. There are then, as seen here, the new Late Roman/Romano British and Goth plastic sets.

Late Romans, Romano British & Goths 2022 - Victrix.jpg

Late Romans, Romano British & Goths 2022 // Victrix

A pretty awesome set of releases for those wanting to play out some Arthurian battles on the tabletop. This period of Roman history is one that I enjoy, especially as it introduces a lot of fractured elements of the once-mighty empire and its many aggressors.

When it comes to World War II, there are plenty of fun 12mm options.

12mm World War II 2022 - Victrix

12mm World War II 2022 // Victrix

This will introduce the likes of an M10 Wolverine, Mid-War Panzer IV variants, Sherman M4A1 variants, a Priest, Puma Armoured Card, Russian Infantry (and Tank Riders), T34/76 variants, T34/85s, SU76s, a Lloyd Carrier, Fallschirmjager infantry and finally a PaK 40 with infantry. Oh, and also an Sd11 Tractor.

There is plenty on the way from Victrix that is no doubt going to find its way into all manner of collections over the next little while!

Are you going to be picking up these sets?

"When it comes to World War II, there are plenty of fun 12mm options..."

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