Victrix Preview What’s Next For Their 12mm World War II Range

June 18, 2020 by brennon

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Victrix Games has been showing off some of the miniatures which are coming up next for their expanding 12mm World War II range. We've seen Tanks take to the fore already but they are going to be growing their collection of Historical wargaming miniatures over the next few weeks to include troops, transports and more.

M3 Half-Track - Victrix Games.jpg

M3 Half-Track // Victrix Games

We start with a couple of the different transport options in the mix. You'll be able to pick up the M3 Half-track for example which comes with a full complement of soldiers plus the gunner and the rest of the crew. The set will come with options for the crew to feature both US and British troops so you can use it across your Allied forces.

As well as the Allies getting themselves a new transport, you'll also be able to pick up a German option too. Here we have the wonderfully named Sdkfz251-D.

Sdkfz251-D - Victrix Games

Sdkfz251-D // Victrix Games

I'm sure that the Germans just called this a transport or something rather than reeling off that designation each time they got into it. Maybe someone can enlighten me in the comments as to what the regular joes would have called this when it was rolling about on the battlefield. Again, this comes with a full crew and bevvy of soldiers to berth onto the battlefield.

World War II British Infantry

As well as the transports, we're starting to see more of the infantry element that Victrix Games have planned for the range. Here we have a selection of the British with Vickers Guns and all manner of other weapons too.

12mm British Soldiers - Victix Games.jpg

12mm British Soldiers // Victix Games

A lot of these soldiers are posed in different ways which put them right into the midst of the action. You've got soldiers calling others forward, a few getting ready to throw grenades whilst others are setting up for an ambush. I like seeing action poses on my miniatures as it helps to tell a little story on the tabletop.

Here is what is coming next as part of the upcoming wave of releases...

Sherman M4 Firefly - Tiger I - Churchill 6pdr - M10 Wolverine - M5 Stuart - Puma Armoured Car

So, if you're looking for a few more armoured options then you're certainly going to get your fill over the next little while.

Are you tempted by this 12mm Victrix Games collection?

"Are you tempted by this 12mm Victrix Games collection?"

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