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Smell The Napalm As ‘Nam Week Hits August 5th!


'Nam Week is coming on August the 5th. So if you like muttering phrases like "You weren't there man" or "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" then you might want to tune in.

Get Some Heavy Tour Of Duty Weaponry For Your US Troopers


Check out some more additions to the Tour of Duty line from Flames of War and Battlefront. Some tanks are always a welcome addition.

Heavy Tour Of Duty Support Incoming For Flames Of War


Flames of War is building up with a look at more models for Tour of Duty. Will you grab tanks, helicopters, infantry or even some terrain?

Bolster Your Vietnam Ground Forces For Flames Of War


Check out the newest raft of additions to the Flames of War line from Battlefront. There's even a bit of World War II in there for you too!

Roll Up In Tanks With Anti-Armour In Tour Of Duty


Grab some more modern looking infantry and heavy support for your Vietnamese forces in Tour of Duty, a supplement for Flames of War.

Roll Out The Vietnamese Armour With Flames Of War


Check out the new tanks and terrain coming from Flames of War for Tour of Duty and general gaming.

Mortars, Tanks, Rifles And More For Vietnam & Tour Of Duty


Flames of War offers up more for the US Army in Tour of Duty this coming Saturday (23rd of March).

Expand Your Vietnamese Army For Tour Of Duty


Check out these new releases for the weekend that will add to the new supplement, Tour of Duty. The PAVN are getting plenty of reinforcements!

Begin Your Tour of Duty In Vietnam With Flames Of War


Check out the latest additions to the Flames of War line that delve into the jungles of Vietnam. Tour of Duty promises to be a very interesting book indeed!

Flames of war (NAM) & Gale Force Nine


Adam corners another poor defenceless games developer at Adepticon. This time it's Joe from Battlefront and Galeforce 9.

Welcome to the Jungle with RECON28


Some historical releases from the midst of a steaming jungle from RECON28.

M48A3 Patton Tank… Up Close and Personal


Time for a look at one of the Flames of War tanks from the Vietnam War. The M48A3 Patton, sports a rather nasty arsenal of weapons and ammunition types and looks to be a handy addition your latest US force.

Flames of War hit Vietnam


You weren't there man... you weren't there! Well... now you will be!

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