Wargames Atlantic Prepare New WWI Plastic German Infantry

April 21, 2020 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic is preparing for the release of a new set of Historical plastic infantry soon. Previews of the sprues came through recently for their World War I German Infantry which has been on the cards for a while now.

Late World War I Germans Painted - Wargames Atlantic

The set, as you can see, is going to come with a myriad of different infantry options. As well as some standard and well-known options for the Germans in World War I, you can also see some of the options which show the transition from World War I and into the kit which became iconic in World War II.

As mentioned above, the team at Wargames Atlantic also took the time to share some images of the sprues as they are now too.

Late World War I German Sprues - Wargames Atlantic

There are a few little things that need cleaning up before the plastic set actually releases, but you can see that a lot of fun bits and pieces are included within the kit. As there are a lot of companies that produce Germans in World War II and of course British for World War I, it's good to see Wargames Atlantic looking to work on something a little different. Plus, this also looks towards the Late War period which is also a departure from other ranges.

What do you make of the plastics so far and will you be picking them up?

"What do you make of the plastics so far and will you be picking them up?"

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