Wargames Atlantic’s SAS & German Sentries Plastic Kits Now Available

November 14, 2022 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic has now made two of their World War II 28mm plastic kits available for you to pre-order. You can now get your hands on the British SAS/Commandos plus the German Sentries that were previously released for Grey For Now Games' 02 Hundred Hours.

British SAS Commandos Box - Wargames Atlantic

British SAS/Commandos Box // Wargames Atlantic

The first of the sets allow you to build thirty miniatures from the SAS, SBS or Royal Marine Commandos. You can arm them with the Sten, Bren and Tommy Guns alongside Lee Enfield Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Knives, a demolition charge and some radio equipment.

British SAS Commandos Miniatures - Wargames Atlantic

British SAS/Commandos Miniatures // Wargames Atlantic

It should be noted that bases are not included with this kit this time around, so you'll want to source some for yourself when it comes to building this kit. It looks brilliant and it's good to see it available to buy beyond 02 Hundred Hours. Saying that; 02 Hundred Hours is a brilliant little game so it's worth having a look at that if you want to pick up the miniatures and a game.

As well as the British Commandos, you can also get your hands on a set of German Sentries that could be patrolling all sorts of facilities that your Commandos are going to be infiltrating.

German Sentries Box - Wargames Atlantic

German Sentries Box // Wargames Atlantic

This set comes with thirty miniatures to represent German Sentries, Officers, Feldengendarmes and Guard Dog Handlers. Weapon-wise, you've got the MP40 SMG, Mauser Rifles, Luger Pistols alongside fun kit like flashlights and binoculars. The miniatures can be modelled checking out papers, saluting, surrendering and even having a quick cigarette. There are also ten German Shepards to chase away intruders.

German Sentries Miniatures - Wargames Atlantic

German Sentries Miniatures // Wargames Atlantic

Again, this set doesn't come with bases so you'll want to source those. But, it is an amazing set that is going to be very handy for those making up fun scenarios for 02 Hundred Hours, Bolt Action and beyond.

Additionally, having access to the SAS/Commandos and the German Sentries means that you could also go down the route of making some Pulp scenarios for a bit of Weird World War fun. You could introduce some secret facilities guarded by those German Sentries where Hitler and his cronies have been working on something occult!

Are you tempted to snap up these plastic kits ahead of the January release?

"...you could also go down the route of making some Pulp scenarios for a bit of Weird World War fun"

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