Warlord Bring The Feisty French Resistance To Bolt Action

November 16, 2020 by brennon

Warlord Games are looking to set things ablaze in the French countryside soon with the addition of the French Resistance to Bolt Action. A big new set of bundles are coming for those who want to stick it to the Nazis in the streets. Here's the full All-In Bundle which is available for pre-order now.

French Resistance Bundle - Bolt Action

French Resistance Bundle // Bolt Action

The idea behind this set is that it would allow you to make a band of French Resistance fighters who have managed to get their hands on some extra kit in order to take on the Germans and free their country from Nazi rule. Inside the set you get...

  • French Resistance Officer Team
  • French Resistance Infantry
  • French Resistance Sniper Team
  • French Resistance Light Mortar Team
  • French Resistance PIAT team
  • French Resistance Anti-tank rifle team
  • French Resistance MMG Team
  • French Resistance Medium Mortar Team
  • French Resistance Light Anti-Tank Gun
  • French Resistance Light Artillery
  • Plastic German Weapon Sprues x 2

...although you can also get this selection of options in smaller bundles on their webstore depending on how you want to expand your French Resistance force. You could use them as a faction of their own in battle or as supporting units for an Allied invasion force.

As well as being useful as French fighters you could also use these freedom fighters as civilians who took up arms in Poland or the Soviet Union if you prefer too. They have been designed so that they should work across a myriad of different theatres of war in Europe.

I will say this only once! Will you be picking these up?

"I will say this only once! Will you be picking these up?"

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