New Wave Of Blood Red Skies Now Available From Warlord Games

May 5, 2018 by brennon

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Warlord Games has bombed John's wallet to hell it seems. Blood Red Skies is now available for you to snap up from them over on their online store.

Blood Red Skies - Main

The Starter Set that you see above gives you all manner of bits and bobs to start playing the game with including British Spitfires and Messerschmitts battling in the skies above Europe. If you're interested in how the game plays then you can check out one of our Let's Plays for the game here...

We also have another episode of the Let's Play series where we fight with Japanese & US forces.


As well as the core set which you can see above we also have some new Squadron Packs from Warlord Games.

British Spitfire Squadron

British Spitfire Squadron - Blood Red Skies

German BF-109E Squadron

German BF-109E Squadron - Blood Red Skies

US P-51 Mustang Squadron

US P-51 Mustang Squadron - Blood Red Skies

Japanese A6MX Zero-Sen Squadron

Japanese A6MX Zero-Sen Squadron - Blood Red Skies

Soviet Yak1 Squadron

Soviet Yak1 Squadron - Blood Red Skies

So, if you want to start expanding your collection and looking towards different aircraft from the period you have a great set of options here. Each of them come in those different colours meaning you don't have to paint them, but hopefully by now, you'll have followed enough of John's painting streams to know how to get to work on these.

Will you be getting into Blood Red Skies?

"If you're interested in how the game plays then you can check out one of our Let's Plays..."

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