Warlord Talk Updated Resin & New Bolt Action Weapon Teams

February 13, 2023 by brennon

Warlord Games talked about an update to the material that some of their miniatures are made in last week. Warlord Resin Plus is an upgrade on the previously used Warlord Resin that you'll find present in a lot of different kits for their games.

Warlord Resin Plus - Warlord Games

Warlord Resin Plus // Warlord Games

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So what's different when it comes to Warlord Resin Plus? Well, the team at Warlord broke down all of the bonuses of this new material in a recent blog post...

  • Feels like hard plastic – but better! Less flexible than its predecessor, Warlord Resin Plus™ retains the feel of hard plastic but has a level of springiness that leads to excellent durability.
  • Easy to work with – Warlord Resin Plus™ can be filed, clipped, scraped, and cut just as easily as metal, and requires only a simple dab of superglue for assembly.
  • Lighter than metal – No more sore arms and bad backs from enormously heavy figure cases!
  • Enhanced surface quality – Fine details are crisper than ever before, and paint adheres far better than on metal figures.
  • No need to prime or varnish! Simply apply paint directly to the model – the new formula eliminates the need for priming and ensures a far more durable result.
  • Non-toxic – Unlike traditional resin and metal miniatures, Warlord Resin Plus™ has been specifically developed with a non-toxic formula. We still don’t recommend eating your models (although this plant-based resin is vegan-friendly) and advise working in a well-ventilated space exactly as you would when working with any other material.
  • Zero waste resin – In-house production of Warlord Resin Plus™ uses a waste reclamation system to ensure that no resin is thrown away during manufacturing. Unlike traditional plastic, this new material is completely recycled and reused in our factory.

The proof will be in the pudding of course but it sounds like this could be a lot more fun for hobbyists to work with than their previous Warlord Resin. Being easy to work with in particular seems to be a big bonus and should cut down on the time it takes to get from opening a package of miniatures to playing games. I'm also intrigued to see how the painting of the miniatures works without the need to prime or indeed varnish. Intriguing.

Warlord Resin Plus will feature as the material used in four new sets of Bolt Action miniatures that will be made available at the end of February.

USMC Weapons Teams - Bolt Action

USMC Weapons Teams // Bolt Action

Japanese Army Weapons Teams - Bolt Action

Japanese Army Weapons Teams // Bolt Action

There are two options for the US and Japanese battling it out in the Pacific theatre of World War II and then two sets of Italian Weapon Teams including the Bersaglieri and the Army.

Italian Bersaglieri Weapons Teams - Bolt Action

Italian Bersaglieri Weapons Teams // Bolt Action

Italian Army Weapons Teams - Bolt Action

Italian Army Weapons Teams // Bolt Action

When these sets land, it will be interesting to see what the verdict is on Warlord Resin Plus and what it offers. If it makes things easier for those getting stuck into the hobby then fantastic! Are you going to be giving this new material a go yourself?

Drop your thoughts below...

"...what's different when it comes to Warlord Resin Plus?"

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