Warlord Join The Worcestershire Ambassadors Charity Drive

January 21, 2020 by brennon

Warlord Games has been showing off their new Commemorative Worcestershire Charity Model which is supporting the Gheluvelt 2 Gheluvelt Project.

Worcestershire Regiment Commemorative WWI Soldier - Warlord Games

The project is being run alongside the Worcestershire Ambassadors as they are looking to enhance the monument for the famous WWI victory of the Worcestershire Regiment in the village of Gheluvelt, Belgium.

This year in October, a team of cyclists will cycle from Gheluvelt Park in Worcester 250 miles to the village near Ypres. They are then hoping to unveil the enhanced memorial statue and in turn, provide a selection of bursaries for county schools so that they can go and visit the scene of the battle.

Here are more details on the battle...

"On the 31st October 1914, a massive German attack east of Ypres broke the British line at Gheluvelt. Thirteen enemy battalions overwhelmed thefive5 British assigned to hold the line in the Belgian village. The lost territory left the British tremendously exposed; thus the reclaiming of the lost line was vital.

The only available troops for this task were the Worcestershire Regiment. Comprising only 350 men and seven officers, the Worcesters bravely mounted a counterattack.

They were subject to exposed ground and enemy artillery, and though a hundred fell to the bombardment, the rest pressed on into Gheluvelt itself. They set upon the vastly outnumbering Germans, who were drunk on their victory, and were thus unprepared to offer an organised or effective resistance. The bitter close-quarters fighting led to the expulsion of the best part of a German infantry regiment from Gheluvelt and the British line restored."

A very impressive display of heroics and valour. It seems apt that folks can get involved and get their hands on this metal and resin statue in order to help restore a little nugget of history.

Will you be snapping this up and maybe even adding it into your games in some way?

"A very impressive display of heroics and valour..."

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