Will you take some German Advice from Gripping Beast?

June 29, 2012 by brennon

Expanding on their World War I range is a couple of new sets for both the Turkish and Indian forces. Check out the first of these sets from Gripping Beast, the German Advisors for the Turkish army...

Turk German Military Advisors

This four pack had some veterans and even a younger advisor from the German army heading over to the Turks to tell them how to run their army. I like the character in these models including the one with the buttoned up coat strolling and watching the troops in action, and the other pointing with his cigar.

HMG with Gurkha Crew

Next up is a Gurkha set using a rather large Heavy Machine Gun. I'm fairly sure that would put down anything trying to assault an encamped position.

So will you be advising or shooting?

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