World War I Halflings Need Smaller Trenches Right?

June 20, 2013 by brennon

Black Hat Miniatures have released their line of World War I Halflings. Check out a selection of the diminutive soldiers below and then consider using them for your new take on Fantasy World War...

Halfling Sergeant in Kepi

Halfling LMG in Kepi

Halfling Ammo Carrier in Kepi

They look like they'd make a neat alternative army for some Fantasy World War gaming. A selection of other companies do Dwarfs, Goblins and Orcs for this period of history too and with some added Halflings as what I presume to be the French you'd have a pretty good collection of soldiers.

While they might not be to everyone's taste I quite like them although I reckon they could have done with a better paint job.

Are they the alternative army for you?

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