Don’t Panic! Dad’s Army is Coming to Warlord

January 15, 2014 by dracs

Dad's Army is, perhaps, one of the most iconic of shows of British television. Now we have exciting news as Warlord Games are soon to bring out their own range of miniatures of these classic characters.

Dad's Army

All the miniatures are sculpted up and the release is fast approaching. Apparently we can look forward to seeing all of the Home Guard in both their uniform and civilian dress.

Cpl Jones

I grew up in Thetford where the old show was filmed, so Dad's Army was a major part of my childhood. To say I am excited for these miniatures is something of an understatement. We can hopefully expect to see the first of the miniatures from Warlord soon.

Will any of you be joining the Home Guard to defend England's green and pleasant land?

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