Warlord Latest Release Dad’s Army’s Dour Scottsman

January 28, 2014 by dracs

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It is time for the last of Warlord's single previews of the upcoming Dad's Army models. This time it is time for that ever popular prophet of doom, Private Frazer. We're doomed!

Private Frazer

Private Frazer is the platoon's malcontent. The local undertaker and naval veteran of the Battle of Jutland (he was in the galley making shephard's pie), Frazer is ever ready with his familiar cry of "We're doomed."


Warlord have done a fantastic job in capturing this character in miniature form, as they have with all of them really. With his characteristic bushy eyebrows and wide eyes, this model looks like he will burst into a story of how he grew up in a wild and lonely place, ye understand.

Tomorrow, the rest of the characters will be appearing and the set will go up for pre-order. Who else will be picking up the boys of Dad's Army?

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