What To Expect From The Launch Of Modiphius’ Elder Scrolls?

January 2, 2020 by brennon

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Modiphius fired up a Development Blog not long ago where they were looking at what you can expect from the launch of The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms when it comes to the tabletop in March of 2020. The first focus swung to the release of the Core Set...

Elder Scrolls Core Rules - Modiphius

This set doesn't come with any miniatures (which will be available separately) but it does come with all of the rules, tokens, cards, dice and more than you need to play the game. You'll get a good selection of scenarios including a forty-four-page Quests Book featuring twelve missions and a sixteen-page introduction to the game which takes place during the iconic scene from the start of Skyrim, the Escape From Helgen.

Miniature Sets

So, with the Core Rules set bringing together all of the extra gubbins you need to play the game the focus then switches to some new boxes which offer up different play experiences. If you're looking to dive into the game either by yourself or as part of a cooperative experience then you might want the Bleak Falls Barrow Delve Starter Set.

Bleak Falls Barrows Delve Set - Modiphius

Inside this set, you're going to find the iconic Dragonborn wearing that very stylish helmet plus three Skeleton Archers, three Draugr Warriors and a Draugr Overlord which forms the basis of that early quest in the video game. This gives you the chance to play through the game as the Dragonborn going up against Minions, Elites and Master adversaries as you learn the game and you can then of course port all of this over into a player-versus-player scenario if you like.

If you feel yourself siding with one of the factions within the world of Skyrim more than the other (both are pretty evil in their own way) you've got the choice of either the Imperial Legion or Stormcloak Starter Sets.

Imperial Legion Starter Set - Modiphius

Imperials - Modiphius

In the Imperial Legion Set, you'll find the leader known as Hadvar, Hero Of Helgen who is backed up by a rather awesome looking Imperial Spellsword and then three Imperial Legionnaires who are armed with swords and shields, ready to hold the line with Hadvar.

Of course, because the game (like Fallout) focuses on being able to be played as a solo, cooperative or competitive experience, you can use all of the models from this set and the Stormcloak one across all of these different game modes.

Stormcloaks Starter Set - Modiphius

Stormcloaks - Modiphius

Within the Stormcloak Set, you'll get yourself some eager warriors serving under the guidance of Ulfric Stormcloak. Leading the set here you have Yrsarald Thrice Pierced who I do like as a whole but the posing of the figure still seems a bit weird to me. He seems all bent out of shape, but maybe it's just the angle of the photograph?

Either way, he is supported by Ralof, Warrior Of The Resistance, another survivor from Helgen and the alternative choice of ally for the Dragonborn in the early section of the video game. He comes armed with a bow and looks very cool indeed.

Supporting them you then have the brutal Stormcloak Warriors who are armed with their greatswords and support Yrsarald in thunderous charges whilst Ralof skirts the battlefield looking for a chance to pick off his foes from afar.

All of this comes together into a neat package which should offer up a nice launch for the game. I much prefer Elder Scrolls compared to Fallout so this might be the world which draws me into a bit more solo and cooperative gaming on the tabletop from Modiphius.

What do you think?

"All of this comes together into a neat package which should offer up a nice launch for the game..."

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