Modiphius Show Off Models From Call To Arms Starter Set

June 6, 2019 by brennon

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Some of you will have heard that Modiphius has now got control of The Elder Scrolls as a tabletop miniatures game and we're first going to be heading to Skyrim with Call To Arms. The Two-Player Starter Set for the game will come with a range of characters, ready to head off on adventures into the frozen North.

Elder Scrolls Imperials - Modiphius

Leading the way you'll find a set of miniatures for both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks, the two warring factions in Skyrim. This band of Legion soldiers are led by Hadvar who you might remember from the start of the game and an Imperial Mage who will be supporting her comrades with spells from afar.

If you want to play as the equally bad Stormcloaks (both sides have their awkward political stances) then you can side with Ralof and Yrsarald Thrice-Pierced. Ralof is another character, like Hadvar, whom you met at the start of the game and Yrsarald is one of the officers serving under Ulfric Stormcloak.

Elder Scrolls Stormcloaks - Modiphius

Both sides are looking rather cool and ready for action. I do like that they've stuck very closely to the designs from the computer game although I do think a few of the poses are looking a little awkward.

Yrsarald, for example, doesn't seem quite right to me but it may just be the photography. I'd, as always, like to see the miniatures in reality in order to make a proper judgement on them.

The Cursed Dead

As well as these two factions that you can take control of for some competitive games there will also be a set of Draugr and Skeletons which you might run into during your cooperative campaigns too.

Elder Scrolls Draugr - Modiphius

Much like with the Fallout miniatures game I think this is where the game is properly going to shine, at least for me. I don't need another competitive miniatures game when I can play through a pseudo-roleplaying experience either by myself or with a friend.

As well as the Draugr which appear within the tombs in Skyrim you'll also find some pesky skeletons, perhaps summoned into unlife by a cunning necromancer.

Elder Scrolls Skeletons - Modiphius

The Skeletons here look great and very much like their video game counterparts but there's again a little sense of awkwardness to the sculpts for the Draugr. Something about them feels a little too 'chunky' but again I will reserve judgement until I see them in the flesh.

If the promotional Dovakiin miniature is anything to go by, the details on these models are going to be pretty crisp so I hope that the rules stand up! I could certainly see myself playing The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms, especially if they introduce a few dragons!

"I could certainly see myself playing The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms, especially if they introduce a few dragons!"

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