Modiphius Planning A Big Announcement At Essen

October 5, 2015 by brennon

Modiphius have announced that at Essen 2015 they will be talking about a new project which brings together a dream team for a new board game. You can see who is involved below...

Essen Tease

"Modiphius has been quietly putting together the dream team for a major new board game project that we're unveiling next week at our Essen Community Party - along with another big announcement for a second board game project for 2016.

We will be sending out press releases after the event for those who can't be there. Hope to see you there!"

That is quite an insane line-up of artists and board game creators. It will be fun to see what this is going to be as Eric Lang has said in the past that he wasn't overly interested in doing a big miniature focused Kickstarter again after The Others: 7 Sins.

If you are at Essen then maybe you'll be able to find out what this is all about!

Keep an eye out...

"That is quite an insane line-up of artists and board game creators..."

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