MoMMiniaturas’ New Dwarf Leaps In Axes First

January 26, 2018 by dracs

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MoMMiniaturas have unveiled their latest dwarf sculpt, leaping in with both axes at the ready.

Dwarf 1

This guy is a bit more mobile than your typical mohawk-sporting berserker. I look at this mini and know someone is losing limbs.

Dwarf 2

While dwarfs are generally viewed as the stable, stoic types, it is fun to see one breaking from the mold. Berserker dwarfs are definitely my favourites and I think this model should make a good hero.

MoMMiniaturas have recently set up a Patreon, where you will be able to see more of their work and chip in.

Do you like this model, or are there any changes you would suggest?

"I look at this mini and know someone is losing limbs..."

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