MOM Miniatures Give Their Dwarfs Guns

July 12, 2016 by dracs

MoM Miniatures are working on a new set of dwarfs and have gone for something a little different than their usual rank-on-rank model style. What do you think of these gun wielding dwarf warriors?

Gun Dwarfs

Upon first seeing these, I thought they might be intended for scifi gaming as their more skirmish style set up could suggest that.

However, there is nothing particularly scifi about them. True their wielding shotguns, but I think the shotgun to be the most dwarfy of firearms.  Instead, I think this is a unit of scouts, many of them cloaked and hooded as they search out the enemy in their underground tunnels or in the lands above.

How do you like MoM's next dwarfs?

"I think the shotgun to be the most dwarfy of firearms..."

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