MoMMiniaturas Give A Glimpse Into Dwarf Life

September 6, 2017 by dracs

MoMMiniaturas are carrying on from the preview we saw of their dwarf house with a few new glimpses at upcoming sculpts, including more dwarf terrain.

Dwarf Terrain

This pic gives us a glimpse into what appears to be a dwarf town square. The house we saw previously is in the backdrop, a while a statue of a doughty hero takes pride of place.

While I hope we will see all this terrain released, I'm particularly interested in the civilians in the background.


I love to see civilian models as they give us a glimpse at a part of fantasy we don't often see on the tabletop.

These aren't the only dwarfs MoM have shown off though as this green has also appeared on their sculpting bench.

Green Dwarf

Mohawked and with a plaited beard, I think this dwarf is looking particularly berserk, like he might slay anything.

What kind of dwarf mini would you most like to see?

"A statue of a doughty hero takes pride of place..."

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