The Monstrous Kankros Is Summoned Forth For The Divine Rage Collection

March 29, 2017 by brennon

Adding to their range of mighty Demons MOMminiaturas has summoned Kankros from whatever realm of hell he calls home into the mortal coil. See what you think of this towering fellow...

Kankros #1

This chap is a four-legged beast carrying around what looks like an icon of the Dark Gods on his back, swirling with magical energies. From his weapon of choice, which could no doubt brain you in an instant, I'd also say that he is quite the sorcerer.

Kankros #2

He also carries around a rather brutal looking gauntlet fashioned into the visage of a skull ready to pummel you into submission. I really like the cracked body with the glowing fire burning through from beneath. Also, the musculature across the body looks great and gives you a sense of might and movement.

What do you think of him?

"I'd also say that he is quite the sorcerer..."

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