Sci-Fi Redeemers Hit The Battlefield From MOMMiniaturas

April 12, 2017 by brennon

Expanding further into the world of Sci-Fi MOMminiaturas are going to be beginning pre-orders for their new range of Redeemers soon. In charge of these advancing Sci-Fi warriors is Laelius with sword and shield in hand.

Laelius #1

This fellow looks rather epic as a leader model with his big chunky shield and glowing weapon. Whilst they've gone for a 'good guy' scheme here I reckon with some darker tones you could get some rather evil looking warriors out of this collection.

Laelius #2

Their fluff that is explained in more detail over on their webstore points to them being the armoured wall of law and order in the galaxy but I like to think they're worshippers of some machine-cult, hence the cog designs. It's a shame that the robes and such were probably needed to mark him out as different from the other warriors as they never seem to make sense in battle.

Laelius is followed into battle by other Redeemers, clad in their battle armour and looking equally as dangerous.


Whilst the design for these Redeemers is somewhat cartoony and over-the-top I do like that. They look like they've jumped from the pages of a graphic novel or a manga. This could the basis for an awesome new force of warriors for you to use on the tabletop in the likes of Warpath for example.

The Angel Of Shield

As well as these new Redeemers the team at MOMMiniaturas has also been revealing additional Sci-Fi heroes like this lady here...

The Angel Of Shield

...known as The Angel Of Shield (you might know what they're referring to with her). She is joined by the Reborn who serve under her command.

The Reborn

Maybe we're going to be seeing the start of a small universe for this range? All you'd need to do is scavenge some rules from other systems and you could duke it out with these warriors on the tabletop.

What do you think of the new Sci-Fi range by MOMminiaturas?

"Laelius is followed into battle by other Redeemers, clad in their battle armour and looking equally as dangerous..."

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