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Naval Wargaming – An Introduction To Battles At Sea & Beyond


Simon Stokes takes us through the
history of Naval Battles both in history
and on the tabletop as well as giving
us a crash course in the games we
should take a look at…

Will You Defend The Realm With Dredd’s Brit-Cit Judges?


If you’re looking for a law enforcement group that is a little bit different then see what you think of the Brit-Cit Judges for Warlord’s Judge Dredd. Considering Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest reining monarch today this feels very patriotic…

Victrix & Mongoose Team Up For New Fight For The Skies


Fight for the Skies in a new miniatures game featuring Victrix’s awesome planes coming later this year alongside the mighty Mongoose!

Mongoose Send Dinosaurs Stomping Over Judge Dredd


Mongoose Publishing have come up with some extra rules for scenarios in which the dinosaurs step out of pre-history and into the Cursed Earth of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

Mongoose Bring the Metal Mechanismo Judges to Mega-City One


Mongoose Publishing have released the new playtest rules for the Justice Department’s Mechanismo Strike Force, a high tech and high impact approach to law enforcement in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

Warlord Show What Judges Wear on Casual Fridays


Warlord Games have put out pictures of two of the Judges which will be appearing exclusively in Chief Judge Cal’s Retinue Boxed Set and who seem to have eschewed the traditional Judge’s uniform for something more… individual.

Mongoose Publishing Check Out Dredd’s Sweet New Ride


The Judges in the world of Judge Dredd can be called despotic, tyrannical, psychopathic, and even fascist. But call them what you like, when they have rides like this latest vehicle from Mongoose Publishing, you have to admit they have style.

Judges & Apes Come Together From Warlord!


What do you reckon to these sets that have been put together by Warlord Games for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game?

Warlord & Mongoose Team Up For Judge Dredd


Both Warlord Games and Mongoose Publishing have joined forces to bring the world of Judge Dredd to life.

Worship At The Demonic Cabal With Mongoose Publishing


Mongoose Publishing check out the coming Demonic Cabal group for Judge Dredd. What do you think of these worshipers of the dark side?

Eliminate All Resistance In Mega-City One With The Sov


Check out Mongoose Publishing’s new release for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Will the Sov Invasion Force be your choice of faction?

Command The Klingon Empire In A Call To Arms: Star Fleet


Check out some epic looking Klingon ships for the universe of Star Trek, bought to life by Mongoose Publishing.

Unleash More Lawmen Into Mongoose’s Judge Dredd World


Set down some more laws with new releases by Mongoose Publishing for their Judge Dredd miniatures game.

Mongoose’s Rogue Trooper Kickstarter Is Live!


The Rogue Trooper Kickstarter is now live and it’s already destroying targets like a genetic super trooper should!

Mongoose Continues Kickstarter Success With Rogue Trooper


Rogue Trooper is coming to a tabletop
near you. Of course with a new
miniatures game planned the best
route is through fundraising on
Kickstarter and that’s what Mongoose
are doing!

A Command Cruiser Joins Mongoose & Star Fleet


Check out another model from Mongoose Publishing for the world of Star Trek.

Mongoose Publishing Send In The Heavy Star Fleet Battleships


Check out the latest addition to the Star Fleet line up from Mongoose Publishing.

The Judges Ride Out of Mongoose Publishing


Mongoose Publishing have released two more of the iconic Judges, atop their mighty Lawmaster motorbikes.

Mongoose Publishing Preview Some Dredded New Minis


With the Judge Dredd Kickstarter finished Mongoose Publishing have given us a look at some of the miniatures which will soon be released for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

Mongoose Kickstart the Law in Mega City 1


Mongoose Publishing have been the producers of the Judge Dredd miniatures game for around about 2 years now, but with the release of the new Dredd 3D film now might be the moment for Mega City 1 to expand.

On the Lamb Ask Are You a Man or a Mouse?


On the Lamb have announced that the rules for Historia Rodentia, the Brushfire RPG from Mongoose Publishing is now available to pre-order.