Preview Monster Arena Card Game Pre-Fundraiser

February 20, 2014 by brennon

Monster Arena sounds like a neat card game where you take on the role of some of your famous monsters and battle it out against others. The game is going to be on Kickstarter soon but the main draw right now is the artwork...

Monster Arena Card Game

"The Monster Arena playing card game will consist of individual pre-constructed 60 card decks, each one containing the skills equipment and power of a brutal killing machine. Each deck will represent the skills of one character, and buying additional decks grants you a larger array of slashers, undead, and hell-beasts to fight as."




Above are some of the 'heroes' that are already in the works. You have Jack the Mad Jester, Fleischer the Werewolf and the Butcher to round things off. Considering this uses pre-constructed card decks this has my attention as it isn't trying to fleece you with masses of packs right off the bat.

We will have to keep an eye on this one over the coming days and weeks and come back to it once we see how it plays.

Do you like the look of Monster Arena?

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