Mordheim Video Game Screens Reveal The Sisters Of Sigmar

July 24, 2014 by brennon

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The Mordheim video game is in the works as some of you may know and a recently cache of images revealed more in-engine scuffling and the Sisters of Sigmar as a faction...

Mordheim #1

Mordheim #2

Mordheim #3

Hopefully, and I really do hope, this is going to be a perfect way for the specialist game to continue its life away from the tabletop. Games Workshop will never go back to the property so it's good to see it being handled by others in a hopefully faithful way. It looks like all the main warbands from the game are going to be there and they've promised injuries, interesting scenarios, multi-player and of course plenty of chances for advancement and wyrdstone!

Are you going to be keeping a close eye on this?

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